Dear Frustrated Trader,

you ever spent a lot of money on trading software, with high hopes of finally
owning a system that is both easy to use AND makes money for you?

have you ever been disappointed… or even felt cheated… because the software
was not what the advertiser claimed?

other words, it was anything but easy to use. And it
certainly didn’t generate the huge profits promised in the ad copy, right?

   For instance, what they SAY is: “Our system has a 90%
winning rate.”

   What you should KNOW is: Promoters who focus only on
the winning rate may be selling you a bill of goods. Why? Well, if the average
winning trade is $ 1… but the average losing trade is $ 100… even a 99%
winning rate won’t make you any money.

   Experienced traders accept many small losses to win a few large gains.
Some of the
most successful traders have only modest winning rates. But when they win, they
win big… and so they make great profits. Yet many trading system publishers
continue to claim outrageous high winning rates — because they know that’s what
inexperienced traders want to hear.

Instead of focusing on the winning rate, in my opinion, you should pay
more attention to the “profit factor” — the gross profit divided by
the gross loss. Good trading systems have a profit factor of 1.5 or higher.


   What they SAY is: “Our system made $ 453,513
last year.”

   What you should KNOW is: This statement is not terribly
meaningful, because the system promoter neglects to tell you the size of the
account traded to make that much money.

   If you need a $ 5 million account to make $ 453,513
profit, the average trader can’t use the system.

promoter also hasn’t told you what the maximum draw-down was. If the system
took an accumulated loss of
half a million dollars before it made the
amount claimed, the system is not tradable.

   I know these scams all too well, because as a trader, I had
years of disappointment using trading systems that:

  • Didn’t perform as promised.

  • Lost me much more money than
    they made me.

  • Didn’t tell me precisely
    when to buy… but left it up to ME to figure it out!

  • NEVER told me when it was
    time to get out.

  • Forced
    me to figure out on my own why it wasn’t working — with no help from the
    traders and programmers who designed the software.


solve the problem, I did something you might expect of a trader who, like me,
is also a computer programmer…

I Designed And Wrote My Own Trading Software!

it wasn’t easy. Despite my background in mathematics, physics, and computer
science, devising the algorithms that would give reliable and precise trading
instructions in all major markets was a bear of a project.

   My programmer
and I worked on it for years. Then, we exhaustively back-tested the software on
the Forex, Russell 2000, and a dozen other markets favored by traders.

the trading software I produced, was well worth the wait. Because the “Inga
Bounce®” software:

  • Generates recommended
    optimal stops for each trade.

  • Has delivered accurate buy and sell trading signals — as verified by extensive back-testing.

  • Recommends precisely when to buy — and when to sell.

  • Has accurately predicted market direction and performance.

  • Accommodates a wide variety
    of trading styles in all major markets.

  • Is intuitive and easy to use
    — with no calculations required.

traders in more than 11 countries worldwide use my “Inga Bounce®”
software as their trading software of choice. You may think that 11 countries
may not be much, but consider this: it’s only on the market for less than 6
months, I don’t have it on a website to sell from, no extensive marketing, and
only (until now) through word of mouth, so I think it’s quite impressive.

   My customers
are so delighted with the “Inga Bounce®” software that the emails I
get don’t stop coming in.

have spent over $ 15,000 on trading software over the years.
The Inga Bounce is the first piece of trading software I have
come across that is simple to use and has a built-in algorithm that actually
works and can consistently make money.”

-G.C. Perth, Australia

“Like many of my
trader friends, I was skeptical. But I took the advantages of the 365-day
trial of the Inga Bounce software. I was absolutely astounded the first time
I applied the software to my charts. I spent the next 4 weeks testing, going
back many months and many markets in the history to see how it was real – and
applied it to my real trading, too. After all the research was completed, I
found that the Inga Bounce
had been
just as accurate in history as in the present.”

-E.N. Rio de Janeiro, Brazil


“I depend on this software
for my entries and use the stops to manage my trades after I open my trade.
Both the entries and exits are very specific making risk management very
easy. The Inga Bounce is the only software that has provided me with a
practical way of making money in trading regardless of the market or

-R.R., San Jose, CA


“Inga Bounce signals
take the uncertainty and stress out of my trading. Winning trades are allowed
to run their course, while losing trades are cut short every time! I am very,
very happy with this software. The support I got after getting this was very helpful,
clear, and easy to understand. I just wait for the confirmation of signals,
then I can take profits. It can’t get easier or better than that!”

-E.M., West Point, NY


“With experience as a
floor trader, and after trying various trading software on the market during
the last 17 years, I am using the Inga Bounce software for my trading
decisions. I have been using the Inga Bounce now for almost four years. To
place 50 ES contracts on the market, I have to be really sure about the
directions for my core positions. I depend on the Inga Bounce software to
detect the market directions. To be able to ‘sit’ on substantial amount of
positions is a difficult thing to do, but that’s where the big money is to be
made. Btw, I use the software on 3 different timeframes, that gives me even
more precise entries & exits.”

-J.B., Greensboro, NC


I’m going to take you through the reasons why so many traders prefer the
“Inga Bounce®” software to any other system they have ever tried.

show you why this simple, easy-to-use software can help you trade more
rationally than ever before.

I’ll even let you test-drive the “Inga Bounce®” software risk-free
for a full 365 days, but more on that later.


Only The Inga Bounce® Trading Algorithms Are

Validated By a Half Decade Of Rigorous Back-Testing!

trading system can guarantee that you’ll make money. And past performance is
not necessarily an indication of future results.


any trading software publisher tells you otherwise, you should run for the
hills as fast as you can!

   But the
“Inga Bounce®” software has been rigorously back-tested – as far back
as 6 years. These test charts validate that the signals generated by the
“Inga Bounce®” software produced phenomenal performance!

Has Your Trading Software Been
Proven Through Back-Testing?

trading software publishers do little or no back-testing. But that’s a
mistake… and a red flag that screams, “Buyer beware!”


software programmers design algorithms that
I think
are the most accurate predictions of future prices – for markets as
well as individual equities and commodities – based on the best knowledge available
to us today.

there is no way to “test” whether my software will accurately predict
the future before I give it to you – because the future hasn’t happened yet!

the past has happened. And complete price histories are readily
available in databases I can access.

in back-testing, I take historical data… and
process it with the exact same algorithm I
would use for analyzing today’s data.

algorithm then generates buy and sell signals. However, since the buy and sell
signals are for a price movement that has already taken place, I can check whether
the price subsequently rose or fell
as the algorithm predicted.


in turn reveals whether we would have actually made a profit or loss on our trade
by following the signals the system would have generated.

since the “Inga Bounce®” signals are precise and mechanical,
recommending exactly when to buy and when to sell – and not requiring
interpretation by you the trader – the results are more meaningful.

Back Testing Is The Only Way To
Validate The Signal Algorithm!

   An indicator software program is
a trading system that uses colored lights or bars to tell you when to make a
trade. A number of indicator software programs on the market lack back-testing

can you, as a trader, trust colored bars, lights, or any other indicators that
have not been validated through extensive back-testing? If you blindly follow
unproved signals, you are just trading in the dark – and that can be very costly.

Seek To Cut Losses Short… And Let Your Profits Run!

number one reason why traders fail is that they don’t know when to get out of a
losing trade. The number two reason is that fear makes them abandon winning
positions too early – and not let their profits ride.

   Unfortunately, many trading systems are ambiguous about when to buy –
and give no indication of when to sell. With the “Inga
Bounce®” software, you get clear, precise, easytoread
“sell” signals on every trade. Just log onto Ninjatrader…
and look at your screens.

   Any time you see
price go back inside the line on any of your charts –
stop! It’s time to hit the “Sell” button now!” But more on that
in the trading manual that comes with the software.

Go Long When Price Breaks Out Of The Blue Line.
Go Short When Price
Breaks Down From The Red Line.
No Mathematics
Required. What Could Be Easier?

problem traders put up with in many trading systems is that they are complex
and difficult to use. They generate graphs and data, but leave it to you to puzzle out exactly
what you should buy, and when. What good is that?


   The “Inga Bounce®” is a real, professional-level trading software and can easily be loaded
onto your Ninjatrader 7 platform in a matter of SECONDS. Please note, this will
NOT work on Tradestation, Metatrader or any other charting software. You will
need Ninjatrader 7.

“Inga Bounce®” software is a totally mechanical system, eliminating
guesswork, emotion, and subjective judgment. Whenever there is a signal, the
software will notify you via sound
option, so you don’t have to sit in front of your computer all day. Trading has
never been easier!

these clear, specific signals, you can control the influence of emotion and
impulse, both of which are detrimental to your trading. Knowing that the
“Inga Bounce®” software has been rigorously back-tested enables you
to trade the signals with confidence and discipline.

Replacing Emotion
With Discipline
Will Save You a Small Fortune!


trading software doesn’t tell you specifically when to buy – and when to sell –
its value is extremely limited. And your risk of making losing trades increases

why: trading software that merely presents charts and indicators forces the trader
to filter market data through his own fears, greed, and prejudices.

Donald Cassidy explains in his book It’s Not What Stocks You Buy, It’s When You
Sell That Counts’

   “The disparity in market performance
generally boils down
to how well each investor can invest against his
emotions. So keeping a clear head means the difference between profits and

   “When an investor gets emotionally
involved in his or her investments, it usually ends up as a losing
writes Zev Brachfeld in the TABS Journal. “People do not think rationally when
their money is involved.”

O’Neil, founder of Investor’s Business
, notes: “In my
experience, the only way [to trade] is to establish buying and selling rules
derived from historical research – rules based on how the market actually works, not on personal
opinions or preconceived ideas.”

of trading under the influence of market impulse. Market impulse is dangerous.
There are always good set-ups for good trades. Never chase the market movement.
Always follow your pre-defined and well tested entry rules and exit rules.

“Inga Bounce®” software real-time stops can help you manage
your trades. The detail settings and signals are objective. If you have the
discipline to follow the signals, you can remove emotion and impulse from your
trading, avoiding losses and increasing profits.

The Great American Trading Software Rip-Off!

And Why The Inga
Software Can Work In
Every Market – With Every Style Of Trading!

favorite ploy of software marketers is to sell you
more of their products and services by
convincing you
that you need a different, more specialized software
package for each application – even though, in reality, you don’t. What a

system publishers love convincing their customers that they need specialized,
market-specific software – because it enables them to extract many thousands of
dollars from unsuspecting buyers.

The Inga Bounce®
Software, a “Universal Trading System!”

“Inga Bounce®” software is a “principle-based” trading
system because the algorithms are based on the fundamental principles of the
market. So it can work in any market conditions – bull or bear.

the “Inga Bounce®” software is a principle-based system, it is
universal. It makes no difference whether you are trading Bonds, Stocks,
Commodities, or Forex.


   As a
principle-based system, the “Inga Bounce®” software works on any
time frame: weekly charts, daily charts, 60-minute charts, 10-minute charts,
2-minute charts, tick charts, range charts or any other interval charts.

The Inga Bounce®
Software Will Work In
Every Market – With Every Style Of Trading!

you trade commodity markets like the Emini S&P, Gold, Crude Oil, Natural Gas,
Sugar, Silver, Bonds and Copper? My “Inga Bounce®” software system will
help you. Same thing with the major Forex markets including Euro Dollar,
British Pound, Australian Dollar, Japanese Yen, Canadian Dollar, Swiss Franc
and all the rest. Stocks are no exception, whether you trade AAPL, IBM or
whatever else it may be. Trade anything that moves!

more, the “Inga Bounce®” software fits any trading style: day
trading, short-term swing trading and long-term swing trading, it simply
doesn’t matter!

means you only have to buy one system to cover all your trading. No need to shell
out big bucks for a different system for every market and style you trade. And
no curve-fitting.

Make Rational Trading Decisions Based On
The True Reality Of The Market: Price!

is reality. Everything the market knows about itself is reflected in its price.
All fundamentals are contained in price. Supply and demand are contained in price.
Price is everything.

Using the
Bounce®” software is one of the easiest and most
accurate ways to make logical trading decisions, based on the true reality of
price movement.

   The “Inga
Bounce®” software isn’t based on Elliott waves or Gann theory. Buy and
sell signals are calculated by a proprietary, back-tested algorithm based
solely on
real-time or end-of-day price data – giving
you timely, specific, and objective signals for every trade.

proprietary indicator sets optimal stops to seek maximum profits. The
“Inga Bounce®” software tries to predict the most probable course the
market will take in the future.

A Breakthrough In
Trading Software!

   The “Inga
Bounce®” algorithm is based on an important discovery made about the financial

   Early recognition of the market trend –
coupled with the ability to set optimal stops – can result in greater profit
for the trader.


   The “Inga
Bounce®” software reveals the fundamental principle of the market move, showing
support and resistance levels objectively. Equipped with this sophisticated
technology, anybody can trade like a pro.

Real-Time Pricing
Data Or End Of Day

   The “Inga Bounce®” software works
with real-time or delayed, EOD (End of Day) data. The EOD data is provided
directly from Ninjatrader and has nothing to do with your broker. It is
available freely for any market 30 minutes after market close.

   Once you start making consistent,
highly profitable trades with the Inga Bounce®
software, you will soon realize how much this software is truly worth. In fact,
once you get comfortable enough using this super-indicator and follow all the
rules outlined in the manual…

Your Wins, On
Average, Should Be
3 – 4 Times Larger Than Your Losses!

   Look, I could charge as much for the Inga Bounce®
software as ANY of the other systems, methods and courses out there and still
be offering more value – not
to mention a greater chance that you will succeed as a trader.

   Did you know there are courses out
there that cost between
$ 5,000 and $ 25,000?
There are systems that charge you $ 500
per month just to “rent” their indicator!

Check this out!

   After you bid on my “Inga Bounce®”
software system, leave me positive feedback and get my
Inga Trend IndicatorFREE

   Click here to check it out. And if you’re wondering how much
the Inga
would cost you, well, you would have to fork out close to
$ 6,000 USD. Don’t believe me? Click
here and see for yourself.

   But don’t be fooled. Although at first
glance my software does look similar, my “Inga Trend®” indicator is better by 10-fold! The “Inga Trend®
indicator uses several secret filters that all need to align to get a

   Here is what
the “Inga Trend®” indicator is NOT, it is NOT some invisible moving
average cross-over system!

   I am a real Trader, not an internet
marketer, and so I initially planned on pricing the Inga
Bounce® software at $ 500 – which is unbelievably

   However, as a trader, I easily forget that
$ 500 is still a good deal of money to some people. And my number one priority
is getting this opportunity out to those people who truly deserve it.

   But, before you get too excited, you
need to know…

This Offer Is NOT For Everybody!

   In fact, I’m NOT even allowing most
people to buy my Inga Bounce®
software. Why? Because some people cannot cope with any type of loss
whatsoever. And, even though I am one of the few who actually makes money
trading the markets, I get it wrong sometimes.

   And when I do, I lose money! Some people
think they will never lose when they follow the Inga
Bounce® software.

   But the truth is, occasionally you will
lose money. If you trade on a continuing basis, it is 100% certain you will
experience losing trades every now and again.


   So, if you’re the kind of person who is not
emotionally stable enough to handle a loss, then I prefer you don’t bid.


   On the other hand, if you have the required
amount of courage pumping through your veins… and… you are the kind of
person who likes to take scientifically analyzed and carefully calculated
risks, then the “Inga Bounce®” software is exactly what you’re
looking for.

Better Than No Risk

   You won’t incur any risk at all
when you BID on this auction because of my “no-questions-asked,”
100% satisfaction, 365 Day Money Back Guarantee. You must be overwhelmed
by the quality of the software & information, or I’ll be very

   All I ask is that you truly give it a fair
shot. If for some strange reason you do not succeed, just show me proof and I
will gladly refund all your money.

  Don’t feel
guilty if you don’t buy though. I understand this isn’t for everyone. And
thanks for reading this far. 

   Yours for more profitable

Inga Ronnqvist

P.S. # 1. There is
one more little detail. The Inga Bounce®
software is so good… that… if you end up getting it… and… you use it exactly the way I teach it in my
easy to read PDF manual… you will make huge profits… or…

I Will Give You
Double Your Money Back!

   This is for real. I don’t think there
is anyone else on Ebay offering this
type of a deal!

There’s Simply No Way You Can Lose!

P.S. # 2. If all this
sounds good to you and, you’ve decided to accept my offer… I would like to
speak with you (via Skype) personally for a few minutes… before… you
place your order.

I am very selective about the people I choose to give this software to
and I have a pretty good “feel” about whether or not a person should
get involved with this. A lot of people should not. It’s not just a matter
of intelligence either. A lot of very smart people just don’t have the
aptitude and “mindset” to be a successful trader.

   If I think that’s true about you, I’ll
be honest with you about it. It’s nothing to be ashamed of. Nobody is
good at everything.

   You know, I’ve always wanted to play
the guitar. I’ve taken lessons at three different times in my life. And guess
what? I still can’t play a single note!

   Does that make me a bad person? No.
All it means is I don’t have any musical talent.

   Anyway, let’s get to the bottom-line.
Listen: If you are sincerely interested in my offer, let me know and
I’ll set up a time for you and I to Skype for a few minutes. That’s all there
is to it. My Skype name is…


# 3. Instead of paying everything in one lump sum, would you like to know how
to pay nothing for six months,
not even interest? Go to
and see if you qualify (please note, you must be a US citizen).

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