Business Success Series: Forex Trading Positive Affirmations audio CD

Business Success Series: Forex Trading Positive Affirmations audio CD

  • The affirmations on this album are designed to counteract any negativity that may be preventing you from becoming a successful trader and help you to fine-tune your skills and to believe in yourself
  • Your mind will start paying more attention to everything related to trading, you will become more organized in your approach to the markets and you will always consider all the aspects of a trade before deciding what to do next
  • They will also motivate you to train your skills until you achieve perfection. You will no longer be satisfied with being an average trader – you will want to learn more, to exchange experience and knowledge with others and to really get into the flow with the markets

We can train our mind just like we can train a muscle: by repetition of thoughts related to a certain issue, our mind creates new patterns of thinking and is able to make new self-beliefs and behavioral patterns.
In other words, what you think is what you become – and affirmations are a base stone for the change in your thinking to occur.
Each of our albums has three sets of positive affirmations, in three different tenses. If you want to know more about our tenses, please visit the FAQ sectio

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