Day Trading The SPY; Zero To Hero: 2 books in 1

Day Trading The SPY; Zero To Hero: 2 books in 1

Two Books In 1

Around The World, Day Trading The SPY

In Around The World, Day Trading The SPY, Yvan, pro-trader, and blogger, finally shares his long-awaited day trading strategy that has helped him escape the rat race that still holds so many people imprisoned.

The book explains a powerful day trading strategy called The Rainmaker.

It is easy to understand, easy to trade, and above all, if used correctly, it will help you build capital, and fast!

1.The Entry Rules are simple, clear, and systematic. You don’t need to look for subjective patterns (head and shoulders, wedges, triangles, etc.). You don’t even need to pay attention to the news. You get a signal, you enter!

2.The Exit Rules are also simple. Once your trades are on, you can manage them with a set of contingent orders. This puts the trades on “autopilot” and keeps trade management to a minimum.

3.Your risk is always capped. So you know exactly how much you stand to lose on any given trade, which is essential if you want to manage your risk effectively.

And the best part is that The Rainmaker Strategy can be used on any budget! You do not need , 000 to start. You do not even need ,000! You could theoretically start with 0 and attempt to grow that slowly.

You’ll see how and why!

But Wait! Before you click the buy button…

Do NOT buy this book IF you are looking For the “Holy Grail.” Get this through your mind: There isn’t any! When trading The Rainmaker, there will be losses! Losses are part of our business. The good news is that the strategy is viable over large samples of trades.
Do NOT buy this book IF you’re completely new to trading. This book is NOT an introduction to trading. You should have a basic understanding of stocks, options, indicators, how to open a trading account, configure charts, etc. There are lots of free and exceptional resources online that can help you with that ( is one of them).

I’m telling you this to save you time – but also to save myself from a potentially negative review.

Around The World, Day Trading The SPY is not promising you financial freedom. But if you use The Rainmaker Strategy as outlined in this book, and if you work on mastering it, you will put the odds in your favor with a proven trading strategy.

Zero To Hero

I don’t have anything extraordinary. I am the typical guy that no one pays attention to because he’s so discreet. I wasn’t blessed with an amazing physique, nor am I endowed with an above average intelligence. I am just a regular guy, admittedly with a painful past, but a regular guy nonetheless. I don’t possess any special talents; yet, I am able to return consistent profits, year after year, in an endeavor where most people fail.

My name is Yvan Byeajee, I am a trader. Not the kind you see in the movies – those who partake in lavish lifestyles; snort lines of coke off of some hooker’s behind; or threaten the very health of our economy – no, I am more modest than that. And I have my reasons. Durable success in the markets is the only logical outcome of the kind of consistency you cultivate in your day-to-day life. Furthermore, it is a function of your ability to tame that voice in your head that is constantly nagging at you and forcing you to make poor decisions, whether in the markets or in your personal life.

After having lost everything in the markets because of my inability to calm that inner voice, I knew I had to make some changes. Eventually, I stumbled upon an effective way to calm the zoo that is my mind, something I always assumed to be either impossible or useless.

For the price of a cocktail, in this short book, you will learn the secret to my success in the markets! I will show you the one exercise that I think all traders should be doing on a daily basis. This exercise has not only changed my trading, but it has also changed my life – and I am confident it can change yours as well!


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