DUP Dodd: We want to get a deal. Progress being made.

DUP Dodd: We want to get a deal. Progress being made. Author: Greg Michalowski | Category: News

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Talks with Government

DUP Dodd is commenting about meeting with government

  • We've had a long series of discussions with cabinet ministers
  • had a constructive dialogue
  • key problem is the backstop
  • focus has always been on how Northern Ireland can leave EU with the UK
  • a lot will depend on what government can do to provide guarantees
  • Northern Ireland lock needs to be addressed
  • economic integrity of the internal market needs to be protected
  • We want to get a deal
  • talks with Hammond were regarding customs
  • talks focused on Northern Ireland's political future
  • disappointed by Atty. Gen.'s legal opinion
  • progress has been made but not sufficient
  • focus is now on addressing concerns on backstop
  • we have never favored no deal
  • substance not timing will influence our decision
  • what is new is renewed focus on UK government and resolving backstop issue

As Adam posted earlier, the talks are expected to continue over the weekend and are key in order for PM May to get the votes needed to back her plan.
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