Forex Trading Strategy GAMA: Forex Technical Analysis with Gann Angles and Moving Averages

Forex Trading Strategy GAMA: Forex Technical Analysis with Gann Angles and Moving Averages

Learn how to enter every trend before it happens

What is this Forex Trading Strategy GAMA about?

Forex trading strategy GAMA is not just any kind of Forex technical analysis that you would find online. It is the combination of proper use of Gann angles and moving averages with an emphasis on Gann trading.

It shows accurate support and resistance lines based on W.D.Gann`s perfect geometrical angles and it uses moving averages for even better edge in trading.

How does it work?

It is one of the most effective yet simple to use Forex trading strategies simply because of its exceptional accuracy in determining the trends, strength of the market and support and resistance points without giving you wrong signals.

The strategy lets you know exactly when and where to enter the market, where to place the stop loss and where and when to take the profits without missing out any move.

Strategy uses intelligent money management system that is tuned in to the current price behavior rather than using the old-fashioned risk percentage money management system that uses the same trade volume on every trade.

The strategy itself has a very good profit rate at a minimum average of 100% return per month, and although this might seem unrealistically high for someone, it is very clearly explained in the book why this is possible.

Who is this book for?

The book is for everyone who have even the slightest interest in Forex trading and a wish to become fully independent. The book itself is written for the novice/intermediate trader and it explains the most important aspects of Forex trading and the use of this strategy, however it does not teach you the absolute basics of Forex trading like pips, spreads, brokers and similar entry-level basics. You are encouraged to learn the basic elements of the markets yourself if you have just found out about Forex trading.

However, you will thoroughly learn how to use support and resistance lines, price behavior, candlestick patterns and of course how to use Gann angles and price action to make perfect trading choices with smallest risks possible and much larger profits.

If you are ready to begin a new journey in your trading and ready to grow your fortune much faster then you have been told you can, read this book.

To your success!
Simon Rich