How to become a consistently profitable forex trader: Revealed! The Easy Trading Strategy

How to become a consistently profitable forex trader: Revealed! The Easy Trading Strategy

How to become a Consistently Profitable Forex Trader-Could have simply be titled, “The Confessions of a Consistently Profitable Forex Trader”.

In his words, Patrick Steersman said: “It took me exactly 1 year and 8 months in the trenches, learning Forex through trial and error, everyday trying to make my first 00 from a 0 live account, I wanted the self-taught professional Forex Trader status. But, did I succeed as quickly as I craved to? No, it never happened”.

Why? What do you think experience has taught you about why you could not make it?

“Let me explain, I would wake up at 6 a.m daily, start my trading day before I could even bath, search for trades of the day, when I saw price behaving as per my strategy, I would take a trade, even when price never behaved as per my strategy, I would break my strategy rules and justify by saying, “now I’m just taking a scalping trade”, but either way, my trades would lose. I would use 2 strategies interchangeably, if I took 2-3 losing trades with 1 strategy, I would change it to see if had I used the 2nd strategy would I have still lost, and if not, I would continue with that 2nd strategy and if I still took 2-3 loses with this strategy, I would feel I needed to search for the next perfect strategy, and this jumping back and forth between strategies would happen over and over, sometimes I would use 2-3 strategies interchangeably because I felt they were all powerful because of the way they looked. So, I SIMPLY LACKED CONSISTENCY”.

What lessons can I expect from this book, what will I gain after reading and applying the lessons?

1. How to identify and define trending markets both with and without the use of indicators.
2. How to draw horizontal support and resistance levels/zones, learn how and why they form.
3. How to use Pivot Points.
4. What are dynamic support and resistance and psychological levels and how to use them.
6. How to identify the most significant chart patterns within trending markets.
7. How to use moving averages.
8. How to bring everything together as a single EASY FOREX TRADING STRATEGY.
9. Learn what is strategy hoping.
10. Learn how to think like a professional Forex trader.
11. Learn how entrepreneurship merges with Forex trading.

“THIS IS AN 87-PAGES BOOK with 10 chapters, 36-illustrations and is divided into two sections-it consolidated a 7 Forex Trading Course into a displayed-price short and simple manual covering both technical analysis, price action with indicators and trading psychology. It covers all the “how to” of technical analysis tools and principles which continue to make great traders who they are. IT WILL GIVE YOU CONSISTENCY IN JUST 1 MONTH”.


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