Maple Sap Spile, 5/16″ Ecolo Spout, Maple Syrup Tap (5-PACK)

Maple Sap Spile, 5/16

  • High quality construction. Durable and reusable for year after year.
  • Use a 5/16″ drill bit to drill a hole into your tree and simply hammer this tap into place.
  • Can be used with or without 5/16″ID Tubing on the outlet.
  • Can hang a milk jug or similar bottle from these taps by simply cutting a small round hole into the bottle and hanging.
  • Can hang a bucket with a handle from these taps by simply putting the bucket handle over the lip on the top of the tap and the sap will run into the bucket.

5-PACK. You get 5 of the spouts pictured. These new 5/16″ tree saver taps can be used with tubing or without, no clamp needed when using hose due to barbs on the taps. Just hang plastic milk jug on the tap to catch the sap or run a hose to bucket or main line.
The special design of the tree saver spouts is for quick closing of the hole in the tree after the spout has been removed after syrup season is over. The closing of the hole quickly helps prevent bacteria getting in the tree. Much better than the older style taps that require much bigger holes to be drilled.

List Price: $ 11.99


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