Avoid falling for other indicators and EAs which claim to be so
profitable, except almost always don’t work.  This forex EA is very stable, secure and
reliable !

This EA uses PROPRIETARY ALGORITHMS to find when the Ichimoku, Parabolic SAR and MACD are best lined up for exemplary trades.  This particular kind of EA can’t be found anywhere else on the internet.  Only on my ebay homepage !

You will find that almost all indicators sold on the internet are always losing !  I’ve spent a lot of dollars on various indicators, just to find that they keep losing ! 

I’ve spent a lot of time finding the best combination of PROPRIETARY ALGORITHMS and what I’m selling is the best combination I was able to find !

YES !  I’ve finally found a EA that is actually working !

You should be able to get AT LEAST a 20 % increase every year and up to 3400% a year
The pictured results show both extremely low risk trading and also
higher risk for reward trading.  The results are consistent through at
least 1 year of forward testing!

on 4 and 5 digit brokers.  You get 2 EAs : one with a 75 pip take
profit and stop loss and the other EA is with a 50 pip take profit and
stop loss. 
one trade open at a time.  Trading lots are fixed at 0.01 lots by default, except you can change the “lots” number yourself in the “inputs” menu by:
clicking the expert advisor in the MT4 platform’s “Navigator” window and selecting the “inputs” tab in the pop-up window.  This part is quick and simple.
  The 75 pip take profit / stop loss EA has better performance results than the 50 tp/sl .

you want the EA running live all the time, you can either have your
computer on all the time or buy a Virtual Private Server VPS online
where you can download your MT4 and that computer stays online so yours
doesn’t have to.

YES !  I’ve finally found a  EA that is actually working !

These PROPRIETARY ALGORITHMS are designed for EUR/USD on the 1 Hour time frame.  Choose your own lots size.

Please keep the EAs to yourself only and don’t share or sell them !

You will receive the EAs by email without shipping costs.  I check my email every week, so please be patient for up to a week!

Reason for selling : I’m seeing if I can get a quick extra income.

YES !  I’ve finally found a EA that is actually working !

This EA is very accurate with very good accuracy !

Buyer agrees to keep EAs to himself/herself, instead of sharing, distributing or selling the EAs

This EA provides a very stable stream of income !

ITEM INCLUDES : 1 .mq4 FILE (75 pips) and 1 .ex4 FILE (75 pips) + 1 .mq4 FILE (50 pips) and 1 .ex4 FILE (50 pips) + Instructions
Trades : EUR/USD 1 hour time frame only
Trades : 1 open trade at a time
tp/sl : FIXED at 75 pips or 50 pips (best tested results)

Brokers : ALL BROKERS, 4 AND 5 DIGITS, Recommended spread : 7 pips or lower !
Platform: META TRADER MT4  only
click “start” on bottom left of computer.  click “my computer”.  click
“c:” folder.  click “program files”.  click your “mt4 folder”.  click
“mql4” folder.  click “experts” folder.  copy and paste “.mq4” and
“.ex4” files.  In MT4 platform click “allow live trading”  All done. 
Complete instructions included with item.

Buyer agrees to keep EAs to himself/herself, instead of sharing, distributing or selling the EAs   All Rights Reserved.  Copyright © 2016 RBTRAD1000












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