MT4 High Probability Forex Trading Method

MT4 High Probability Forex Trading Method

MT4 High Probability Forex Trading Method

Firstly, you will be pleased to learn what this book DOES NOT include:

  • affiliate links like Clickbank etc
  • up-sells
  • side-sells or,
  • “ongoing costs” for the MT4 High Probability Forex Trading Method

Consequently, those interested in Forex trading, will not be bombarded with unwanted information or additional costs.  However, you will need to deal with my Aussie slang here and there as I am not hiring someone to polish this into something that doesn’t sound like me. And also if you are purchasing this book as a paperback, I apologize in advance for the price it will be! Color charts add greatly to the cost of printing and 30 or so images are included however, I think they are necessary for this particular book and I have kept the price as low as possible.

My name is Jim Brown.  I am from Queensland Australia, I currently reside in Vietnam (for now) and I am a full-time Forex Trader.

This book provides a reliable and robust trading method which I have refined over many months of manual and demo testing and now live trading. I use the very popular MetaTrader platform to trade. This is more commonly referred to as MT4 and there are many reputable brokers who offer this platform.

Although I concentrate solely on Forex trading myself, I see no reason why you could not trade this method on other financial instruments offered by many MT4 brokers. These may include:

  • Oil
  • Precious metals
  • Commodities
  • Stock Indices
  • Individual stocks

This particular trading method can be traded on any time frame you choose. Personally, I prefer the 4hr charts or the daily charts. These are time frames I am comfortable with, but again I understand that there are different strokes for different folks when it comes to time availability, preferred time-frames, lifestyle choices etc.

You will need access to MT4 to use this method as it relies on the use of custom indicators which I arranged to be specifically built for this platform.  You may not wish to conduct your actual trading off an MT4 platform but you will need to at least download a free demonstration version to enable you to conduct your trade analysis and you could then place your actual trades on your preferred broker’s platform.  

A Mac user informed me that he hit a snag installing the templates after watching my YouTube instruction video. He found that he couldn’t drag the Modified MACD template across.  In the end, he used a program called PlayonMac to get the MT4 platform, but when he couldn’t get it to recognize the file he discovered he had to copy and paste it from the folder in the wine library to the folder that is also in the wine library. You can’t transfer it straight from your file.  I am sorry I can’t elaborate on this further as I don’t understand Macs at all – these are his words and I hope it helps. If not, I am sure there is someone in my Facebook Group who could help.

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I share more information in this newly created Group, and you can touch base with me about the MT4 High Probability Trading Method or any other Forex related matters.

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You will have to be forgiving of the quality.   I do the videos on-the-go, when I have free time.

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