Short Track Racing Trading Paint – PlayStation 2

Short Track Racing Trading Paint - PlayStation 2

  • Race to the Finish Line! The game boasts 20 tracks and
    gives fans a chance to unlock different vehicle models and
    skins, as well as challenge modes to really test their driving
  • Test Your Skills! Drive 7 different exhilarating vehicle
    classes such as Stock Car, 3/4 Midgets, Modified, Wingless
    Sprint, Late Model, Hobby Stock or a Pickup Truck.
  • Fine Tuning! Make sure your car is in tip top shape by fine
    tuning everything from the tire pressure to the steering ratio.
  • Are You a Pro? Race in three different game modes –
    Rookie, Veteran and Pro, each offering a different type of
  • Vroom..Vroom! Show them what you’ve got and trade
    paint on the I-10 Lucas Oil or the Peach State Speedway.

Short Tracks are where future Nascar legends cut their teeth and make their way up the ranks—one collision at a time. Followed avidly by Nascar’s millions of fans there’s a short track in thousands of small towns across the country. Now with STRTP, players can live the true short track racing experience.

List Price: $ 19.99


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