The 10XROI Trading System

The 10XROI Trading System

The 10XROI Trading System – A High ROI Way to Trade – Great For Trading Currencies,Futures and Commodities

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If you are fed up with trading systems that promise the earth and fail to deliver then ‘The 10XROI Trading System’ will not disappoint. A leading foreign exchange broker conducted a study that found that winning traders had something in common. Their wins were much larger than their losses. Many trading systems are designed to have lots of wins but that doesn’t make them profitable, they just appeal to the Holy Grail seeker who is looking for a trading system that never loses.

By trading high probability trading strategies that give a very large risk reward ratio like The 10XROI Trading system, you will automatically have a much higher chance of actually making a profit in the Forex markets. You may be an experienced trader who has already taken many trading courses or you may be just trying to decide on the best trading system for your personality and life circumstances.

Written by a trader with over eight years’ experience in trading foreign currencies,gold and futures, this book is written in an easy to comprehend style with lots of illustrations and trading examples to help clarify each part of the system.

This trading strategy is simple and easy to follow and takes up a very small amount of time as it uses the daily and hourly time frames. Unlike most day trading systems this makes it easy to trade around most jobs.
Most importantly it explains every part of the system including the correct trading psychology and money management which most systems leave out.

The trader runs an active blog at where questions about the system are promptly answered.

(This book assumes some trading experience)

(Recent Review)

“”Ever heard the expression ‘buy low, sell high’? Or how about ‘let your winners run and cut your losses?’ I especially like ‘ensure your winners exceed your losses’. I just finished reading a book on the Quants whose mantra is to ‘put the maths, or the odds on your side’. Oh and I love the Jesse Livermore quote ‘ It never was my thinking that made the big money for me. It always was my sitting.’ Great Sayings. Wonderful sayings. Fantastic. But my thinking: most retail strategies do not capture most, if any of these principles. So is there a methodology, that retail traders can use, even with limited funds, that captures all of this? And I mean all of this? I believe there is. LR has put together a strategy that does as the big boys do: focusses not on consistency of trades, but consistency of the trader using a simple,intuitive, market rhythmic approach.
Of the strategy:

Does it Buy low/Sell High? – Yes.
Are Winners run, Losses cut? – Yes
Do Winners exceed Losers? – Yes
Is the Maths on your side? – Yes
Do you Wait for trades to come to you? – Yes

I have been trading the 10XROI strategy for just over a month now. The last two weeks of trading has seen me bag over 1000 pips. And yet that is not, I repeat NOT the focus or what impresses me. It is the rate of return. Each trade aims for a take profit of 10R and always a stop loss of 1R – which I have achieved. While it’s still early days for me I already know the principles taught are the principles practiced and espoused by the world’s foremost traders. There is no magic bullet. Just sound time tested principles focussed on patience, a simple strategy, money management and sound psychology. Why reinvent the wheel? Just spin that thing.””