Trade Smart with 10/20/30 Rule: It’s Time to Supercharge Your Trading Strategy to Make Money

Trade Smart with 10/20/30 Rule: It's Time to Supercharge Your Trading Strategy to Make Money

This is not the typical trading book that describes certain chart patterns, candle stick formations, Elliot Wave Theory or any other kinds of trading strategies. No doubt that these are important tools a trader should have to create a good footing in trading, however, this book is about taking you to the next level of trading where you will learn to break out from the routine structure and start becoming successful and attain consistent trading results. The aim of this book is to having you apply the principles of the 10/20/30 Rule™ that I have developed for your trade systems or strategies you have now or about to create.
The 10/20/30 Rule™ is a trade system developer, and it can reveal whether your trading strategy is going to be profitable, and guides you to improve that strategy further to uncover the full potential of your trading method. The 10/20/30 Rule™, you about to learn in this book, can also tell you upfront if your trading strategy is poor and that it can potentially be lethal to your trading endeavor.
The 10/20/30 Rule™ I have created is a trading simulator-emulator that is able to reveal your trading strategy accurately as your strategy would be put through a series of tests to know whether it works. You will able to determine or establish vital performance profile of your strategy that will give you early indication of the potency of the system and eventually the success rate of your system. Ultimately, your strategy built upon 10/20/30 Rule™ has much better chance to not only survive but thrive when trading live on the market. The 10/20/30 Rule™ can be applied to any strategy of any financial markets whether you are trading stocks, Forex, Futures or Cryptocurrencies.
There is an adage that past performances are not indicative of future results. Many traders believe in this and are fully convinced that nothing can be predictable or consistent when dealing with the market. But know that having past performance and performance profile you had established in a scientific way, like the 10/20/30 Rule™, is several times better than a trader who has no scientific data to show. With 10/20/30 Rule™ on your belt, you as a trader are already well equipped than a person who knows very little about his trading method, therefore, you would become more nimble and proactive with keeping pace with the market condition and seize the opportunities instantly. This book is about giving you that edge. Trade smart with 10/20/30 Rule™.