The US dollar was one of the main losers in trading on Tuesday and early on Wednesday.

It came as the US Treasury 10-year yield figures, which are considered to be benchmarks, dropped to their lowest point in 11 days.

As a result, the dollar index, which monitors the greenback’s performance in relation to several major global currencies, went down to 96.495 after dropping 0.4% overnight.

It did manage to salvage some gains in relation to the Japanese yen and the USD/JPY pair stayed the same at 110.61.

This came after the Bank of Japan’s Governor, Haruhiko Kuroda, claimed that his central bank could create a stimulus package if needed.

The currencies of both participants in the ongoing Brexit saga, meanwhile, remained fairly steady.

The British pound stood without change at $1.3063 in the USD/GBP, while the Eurozone’s single currency was also unmoved overnight, this time at $1.1341.

However, it had gone up by a quarter of a percentage point over the course of Tuesday.

As the middle point arrives in the foreign exchange trading week, there are still plenty of key events on the forex market horizon both today and tomorrow.

Today (Wednesday), mortgage application figures for the week of February 15th out of the US will be announced at 12pm GMT. This was last recorded at -3.7%.

Preliminary consumer confidence figures for February are out of Europe at 3pm GMT. These are expected to show a shift from -7.9 to -7.8.

In the latest round of Brexit talks, British Prime Minister Theresa May will meet European Commission President Jean-Claude Juncker at 5.30pm GMT to discuss amending the Brexit withdrawal deal.

Shortly after this, there will be a release of minutes from the US Federal Reserve’s Federal Open Market Committee. This is due at 7pm GMT.

Looking ahead to tomorrow, several unemployment-related figures are due out of Australia at 12.30am GMT. The overall unemployment rate for January, which was last recorded at 5%, is due to remain at the same level.

The preliminary German Manufacturing Purchasing Managers Index for February is due out at 8.30am GMT. This is also due to remain at its last recorded point, this time at 49.7.

The equivalent preliminary Europe-wide figure, however, is due to show a slight upward shift from 51.0 to 51.1.

Two central bankers are due to make speeches within a short time of each other around lunchtime GMT.

Andrew G Haldane, who is the Bank of England’s Chief Economist and its Executive Director for Monetary Analysis and Statistics, will speak at 12pm GMT.

He will be followed at 12.50pm GMT by Raphael W. Bostic, who is both a member of the US Federal Open Market Committee and also President and CEO of the Federal Reserve Bank of Atlanta.

At 1.30pm GMT, the usual weekly round of job data from the US will be out. Continuing jobless claims for the week of February 8th are expected, and they are due to show a shift from 1,773,000 to 1,740,000.

Initial jobless claims for the week of February 16th are also due out. These are expected to go down from 239,000 to 229,000.

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