YAMAHA Studio Monitor Headphones HPH-MT5 (Black)

YAMAHA Studio Monitor Headphones HPH-MT5 (Black)

  • ● Type: Sealed Oversay / ● Driver: Φ 40 mm / dynamic / CCAW voice coil / ● Cable: 3.0 m straight (removable) / ● Terminal: 3.5 mm stereo mini plug, 6.3 mm stereo standard plug
  • ● Reproduction frequency characteristic: 20 Hz – 20 kHz / ● Maximum input: 1,600 mW / ● Output sound pressure level (1kHz): 100 dB SPL / mW
  • ● Dimensions (W × H × D: without cable and plug) 165 × 203 × 88 mm / ● Weight: 245 g (excluding cables and plugs)
  • ◆ accessories: ● 6.3 mm stereo standard plug conversion adapter / ● 3.0 m straight cable (removable) / ● Carrying bag (nylon)
  • ● Japanese Instruction Manual URL (PDF): http://download.yamaha.com/api/asset/file?language=ja&site=countrysite-master.prod.wsys.yamaha.com&asset_id=68263

Product features ★ “To see all the sounds,” ★ Being fidelity to the original sound anywhere, and precisely reproducing minute changes in sound color and sound image localization. Yamaha consistently concentrated on the design philosophy of the studio monitor to the headphones from the NS – 10M series which became the global de facto standard of commercial near – field monitor speakers to the MSP series and HS series. ★ The studio monitor headphone MT series has precise reproduction capability that enables high-quality and reliable monitoring, high comfortable wearing feeling with less fatigue even in long-term work, high sound insulation that can concentrate on work, and withstands the harsh workplace It achieves high durability. ★ We will respond to professional music production and recording, high demand of Live SR. ◆ High resolution / high resolution studio monitor headphone which reproduces the nuance of the original sound without any extra. While following the concept of the top model, it features a balanced sound with full band neutral. Ideal for long-term work with the lightest design in the series. ● Equipped with CCAW voice coil adopted 40 mm custom driver, ensuring accurate response in a wide band ● Over-year, hermetic design realizes high sound insulation ● Combination of comfortable wearing feeling and high sound insulation are achieved by a large-sized ear pad which adopts synthetic leather with good touch and cushion that absorbs extra vibration ● A three-dimensional arm pivot structure and a slider that allows length adjustment realize a feeling of comfortable fatigue even when used for a long time ● Monaural monitor is also possible with movable ear cup ● It is also safe to use it under harsh environments with a thick-walled ABS housing ● Straight cable (3 m) which flexibly supports various applications * φ 6.3 mm stereo standard plug conversion adapter included ● Convenient carrying bag for headphone storage included

List Price: $ 352.24


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